The Beginning


It all started millions of years ago.

Powerful natural forces created the perfect terroir for an unparalleled wine.

The origin of Velmyra can be traced back to two outstanding women.

Velma and Maria, the owners’ grandmothers.  Together their names spell Velmyra.  Together their spirits form a wine of unprecedented power and finesse.


Since then, Velmyra has been a dominant and driving force in the global wine trade sought out by the worlds’ foremost experts on wine and celebrity culture.

The masters behind Velmyra prefer being anonymous and focus on producing the worldwide renown Velmyra Bordeaux wine.

This wine has acquired a loyal global following, even though the owners have strongly advised the world’s leading wine publications such as Wine Spectator, Decanter and Wine Advocate to refrain from publishing Velmyra ratings.  Such cautiousness is necessary in order to prevent overheating the demand for this globally sought after wine gem.

Fructus Terrae et Amoris